When Do You Qualify for Family Based Immigration

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Immigration still remains a highly sensitive issue in the US, as more people are increasinglyfamily based immigration attorney seeking to become citizens of America one way or another. A common way through which most are going about it is on the basis of family relations. As much as it may sound particularly easy to be go through, it is bound to present unforeseen challenges, and getting a competent lawyer to handle your case is always advisable. Mark Law Immigrant is a firm that has a team of skilled lawyers to handle immigration cases and more so with a specialty in family based immigration. With the necessary expertise to handle your case, we bear the obligation of fulfilling your dream of seeing relatives become American citizen come true.

Categories of Family Based immigration

There are several ways on which one can file a family based immigration petition for a relative, although the one filing is required to have attained a given age. Additionally, they are required to meet certain financial obligations, and demonstrate that they are capable of supporting the immigrants financially when they finally become residents.

As a US citizen, you can be able to file an immigration petition for;

Spouse; if you are a citizen of the U.S., you can be able to file a petition seeking to have your spouse become a citizen too. A husband is eligible to petition for a wife and vice versa.

Same Sex Marriage; A recent eventuality saw the country’s laws changed to accommodate more immigration possibilities by giving same sex spouses the chance to apply for petitions. The Defense of Marriage Act was ruled by the highest court in the land as unconstitutional.

Siblings; as long as you are a US citizen who is twenty one years and above, you are allowed by law to file for a family based immigration petition for your brother or sister. To this end, one is permitted to use the law for the purpose of allowing his siblings to join him in the country.

Parents; as a US citizen, you are permitted to file a petition to have your children, as well as step children who are below 18 years of age to be granted citizenly. In this case, you are obliged by law to be at least 21 years of age. Similarly a child who is a US citizen reserves the right of petition in a bid to have his/her parents become citizens.

If you get a competent family based immigration attorney to handle the case, it will most definitely be a success, as most of these persons are treated as immediate relatives and granted preference.

Petitioning for family Based Immigration by a Refugee

If you have been granted the full status of a refugee in the country, or have successfully petitioned for asylum, you can additionally file another one for a relative. You are allowed to file for an immigration petition for your spouse or/and children. As for the children, they bear a special requirement in that they ought to be below 21 years of age and should not be married.

Getting an experienced family based immigration attorney is essential, as it ensures your case is a success. Seek the services of Mark Law Immigrant and you will be re-united with your family members on a permanent basis.

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